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Enagic USA Kangen Water 

How to Become a Kangen Water Distributor in the USA

It's not required to become a Distributor to purchase a Kangen Water Machine.

However, after using the Kangen and enjoying it's clean taste and health benefits, you may want to share with others that want one for themselves after tasting the difference.

Plus, you can share your personal experience with everyone!

How much do Kangen Water machines cost?

kangen water inside a water glass

Can I finance my Kangen Water machine? 

Certainly, you may pay for the machine including the 5 Year warrantee outright or use Engic's financing plan.

For more details regarding financing and the installation plan, click the link to use our secure contact form.

We'll assist you with finalizing your purchase and answer any questions you may have.

We're happy to help!

~The Savy Bohemian~

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