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A Savy Bohemian Art Scarf

A Savy Bohemian Art Scarf

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Enhance your wardrobe with these elegant, long, lightweight scarves – the perfect accessory to tie together any outfit.

These transparent scarves are crafted from 100% polyester and offer a delicate feel and durability. The generous size of 27" × 73''  provides versatility in styling, whether draped loosely or wrapped for a snug fit.

Ideal for showcasing intricate patterns and exotic designs, each scarf features a one-sided print in stunning detail. The seamless construction ensures a sleek, polished look.

Personalize it with your creative designs to create a piece that's uniquely yours and a favorite in any wardrobe."


- Material: 100% Polyester

- Size: 27" × 73'' 

- Design: One-Sided Print, Transparent

- Construction: Seamless for a Sleek Look

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