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DERMALOGICA - Sound Sleep Cocoon Transformative Night Gel-Cream

DERMALOGICA - Sound Sleep Cocoon Transformative Night Gel-Cream

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Indulge your skin and senses with our transformative Night Gel Cream, a luxurious blend of nature and science to rejuvenate your complexion overnight.


Formulated with nourishing Tamarind Seed Extract, this gel cream intensely hydrates and revitalizes tired skin. Experience the soothing benefits of encapsulated French Lavender Essential Oil, known for its ability to promote deep, restful sleep.


Enriched with Persian Silk Tree Extract, it effectively diminishes signs of skin fatigue, revealing a rested and youthful appearance.

Including Wu-Zhu-Yu Extract enhances skin radiance, leaving your complexion glowing and refreshed by morning.


This night gel cream is a must-have for your nighttime skincare routine, perfect for anyone seeking to wake up to beautifully replenished skin.

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