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Viscoza Relaxed Fit Top

Viscoza Relaxed Fit Top

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100% Printed Viscose Relaxed Fit Top

Elevate your wardrobe with our beautifully crafted relaxed-fit top, designed for those who appreciate comfort and style. This top is made from 100% printed viscose and is a testament to effortless elegance and ease.



  • Material: Luxurious 100% viscose fabric known for its silky feel and beautiful drape.
  • Design: A relaxed fit that flatters any body type, offering comfort and style.
  • Length: Conveniently measured at 10" from the waist, making it versatile for various pairing options.


Special Care Instructions:
Viscose is a delicate and exquisite fabric that requires special attention to maintain its quality and appearance. To ensure your top remains in pristine condition, we recommend the following care practices:


1. Hand Washing: Ideally, hand wash your viscose garment in cold or lukewarm water (max 68°F). This method is gentle and helps preserve the fabric's integrity.

2. Stain Removal: If your top has a stain, carefully rub the affected area with mild detergent for a few minutes. This helps avoid any potential damage to the material.

3. Machine Washing (If Necessary): If you opt for machine washing, use the delicate cycle or a "Hand Wash" program. Place the garment in a wash bag to protect it from the roughness of the machine, especially the drum.

4. Washing Precautions: Always wash the garment on the reverse side. This helps preserve the colors and brightness of the fabric.

5. Drying: Do not use a dryer. The best way to dry viscose is by air-drying it flat on a hanger. You can gently wring out excess water with a towel before hanging. Avoid excessive wringing or twisting, as it can damage the fabric.

6. Ironing: If needed, iron the garment at a low temperature with a protective cloth between the iron and the fabric.


Our 100% Printed Viscose Relaxed Fit Top is not just a piece of clothing; it's a blend of luxury, comfort, and durability. With proper care, this top will continue to add elegance and style to your wardrobe for years to come.


Enjoy the unique blend of sophistication and ease that this exquisite top offers!

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