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Savy Bohemian Americana Puzzle (120, 252, 500-Piece)

Savy Bohemian Americana Puzzle (120, 252, 500-Piece)

PriceFrom $19.75
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Embark on a journey of creativity and relaxation with the Savy Bohemian-designed jigsaw puzzle, exclusively crafted by the artist and designer Olivia Sterling. This puzzle isn't just a delightful pastime; it's a piece of art waiting to be pieced together by friends and family. Manufactured with superior-quality chipboard pieces, each puzzle promises durability and a satisfying snap with every connection. 


Available in three distinct sizes – 8" x 10" with 120 pieces, 11" x 14" with 252 pieces, and 16" x 20" with 500 pieces – it offers varying levels of challenge to suit puzzle enthusiasts of all ages, recommended for ages nine and up.

The puzzle comes in a beautifully designed, gift-ready paper box featuring the same intricate design as the puzzle itself, making it a perfect present that impresses even before it's opened.

Each puzzle boasts a glossy finish, ensuring that the vibrant, bohemian art by Olivia Sterling shines in all its glory as you piece together your masterpiece.

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