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Savy Bohemian Wildly Savy Mink-Cotton Beach Towel

Savy Bohemian Wildly Savy Mink-Cotton Beach Towel

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Olivia Sterling's Wildly Savy Beach Towel

Experience the ultimate blend of luxury and functionality with the Wildly Savy Beach Towel, exclusively designed by Olivia Sterling, the Savy Bohemian.

Perfect for beach lovers and style enthusiasts, this towel elevates your seaside escapades and bathing rituals. The front side boasts a stunning, high-definition animal print on a soft polyester mink surface, ensuring your style stands out with every use. Flip it over for a highly absorbent, silky cotton backside, ideal for drying off in comfort.

Measuring 30”x 60”, this unique towel combines a plush feel with a durable 360 GSM fabric, making it a beach essential for those who appreciate a touch of wild elegance in their lives.

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