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Welcome to The Savy Bohemian, an introspect of the Divine Feminine Energy and Spiritual Wellness.

What does it mean to be a 'Savy Bohemian' in contemporary culture?

How does the concept of being 'Savy' manifest in the modern world of a free-spirited lifestyle?

Picture of Olivia Sterling, The Savy Bohemian
Olivia Sterling - The Savy Bohemian

A Savy Bohemian listens to the call of their inner spirit nudging them always to a more intimate place within themselves. Savy Bohemians possess an innate awareness for authenticity, as they blaze their trails for the golden future upon us.

A Savy Bohemian lives life for the adventure of choosing a lifestyle that is their natural-born birthright. Birthright is the keyword!!


Greetings, my name is Olivia Sterling and I have coined a lifestyle called “A Savy Bohemian Way of Living’.

A Savy Bohemian earnestly lives simple and true to the day with the spirit of moving about in an awareness of honing one's intuition for evolutionary reasons.

Savy Bohemians live life from the call of one's spirit giving priority to what is needed for the inner self to evolve.

To live your true purpose on earth you must look at the shadow side of yourself to reign in a natural way of attuning to the divine feminine energy.

Let's explore the true essence of The Savy Bohemian together, follow me on Instagram here.

Picture of the Savy Bohemian logo
The Savy Bohemian logo


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