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Garden & House Banner

Garden & House Banner

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Introducing the Savy Bohemian Garden Flag, a stunning creation by the talented Olivia Sterling. This personalized banner is a game-changer for anyone looking to add a touch of charm to their garden or homestead.

Crafted from high-quality poly poplin-canvas fabric, it's not just a beautiful piece but incredibly durable and long-lasting. Available in two versatile sizes – 12'' × 18'' and 24.5'' × 32'' – it's perfect for any space, big or small.

Each flag is designed with a convenient top sleeve, ensuring easy and secure placement on any standard pole (pole not included).

The Savy Bohemian Garden Flag stands out with its vibrant, detailed design printed on both sides, complemented by an elegant black lining inside.

Whether swaying gently in the garden breeze or proudly displayed in your yard, this flag will surely catch eyes and uplift spirits."

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