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Original Polyester Canvas - Peace Dove side

Original Polyester Canvas - Peace Dove

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Elevate your artwork and spread a message of love and peace with our Polyester Canvas by artist Olivia Sterling. This canvas is not just a surface; it's a welcoming home for your art, a reminder to cherish one another, and a symbol of The Savy Bohemian's values.


A Canvas That Welcomes Art:

Crafted from 100% polyester canvas, this surface is designed to make your art shine. It's not just a canvas; it's a platform for your creativity to flourish and inspire.


Inspired by Peace and Love:

Olivia Sterling's artwork, featuring the Dove of Peace, is a powerful reminder to love one another and promote harmony. Every glance at this canvas is a gentle nudge towards a more compassionate world.


Tailored to Your Art:

With horizontal and vertical options and two different sizes, finding the perfect match for your art piece is a breeze. Whether you're displaying a landscape or a portrait, our canvas is ready to accommodate your vision.


A Beautiful Pine Wood Frame:

Each canvas comes impeccably framed with pine wood, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and adding a natural elegance to your artwork. The frame makes this canvas a stunning addition to your space and an excellent choice for gifting.


A Gift of Meaning:

Beyond being a canvas, it's a gift that carries a message. Share the Dove of Peace and the spirit of love with your loved ones, making it a meaningful and cherished present.


Transform your art into a masterpiece with our Polyester Canvas by Olivia Sterling. It's more than a canvas; it embodies love, peace, and artistic expression. Choose your size and orientation, and let your art find its perfect home.


Order yours today and inspire a world filled with compassion.

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