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Awakening the Savy Bohemian Within

Who are you, where are you going and who are you showing up with?

Who are you, and what whisperings of your soul are you responding to? Discover the Savy Bohemian Lifestyle, where each soul awakening leads to a journey of authenticity and passion 💖✨. #SavyBohemianAwakening #SoulWhisperings #JourneyOfAuthenticity #DiscoverPassion

Meet Olivia Sterling, the Savy Bohemian, creator behind 'Savy', a free-spirited one who listens to the nudging of the soul as the earth goes through her changes.

A 'Savy' Bohemian spirit lies within each of us, except most of the rare facets of ourselves are to be found buried deep within the rubble of a 'beautiful life unclaimed'.

It is our birthright to unearth these precious jewels lying deep within ourselves to bring forth the golden age.

A picture of Olivia Sterling - The Savy Bohemian
Olivia Sterling - The Savy Bohemian

Gathering Souls for Purpose

Our gatherings are more than meetings; they are convergences of inspiring souls, sparking the flame for the true ‘whys’ of coming together 🌺💖.

Let's inspire passion and connection in every encounter 💫🌿.

The coming together of our SOULS is no accident.

Our gatherings are more than meetings; they are convergences of inspiring souls, sparking flame for the true ‘whys’ of our coming together.

Each soul we encounter in this life or past may be for a season or perhaps a passing moment.

Each soul brings forth a blessing that is often unseen at the time.

Walk gently, and know that you are dearly loved for who you are and all that you hold within you.

Group of people standing by a large rock
Soul Gatherings

Beyond Pretentiousness

In the world of entertaining and creating, recognizing and overcoming pretentiousness is key 🌿💖.

It's about stripping away the ego and focusing on the essence and the true intention behind every project 🌺✨.

Life can often make us feel jaded with thoughts of not being good enough for the visions we have held for ourselves.

Go ahead and treat yourself as the royal being that you are.

Tell yourself you are good enough for anything you desire to have, do, or be!

Beyond Pretentiousness

Inspiring Passionate Encounters

When we gather, it’s about lighting the fire of passion and inspiring one another 💖🌿.

Let every meeting be a source of inspiration and a reminder of our ‘whys’ 🌺💫.

Let every life experience be a reminder that we are on this earth for a 'blink of the eye', and, then on to other SOUL agreements.

Practice the art of seeing life in Divine Order.

I am bringing wisdom to the day no matter what life seems to pass to you.

Reminding yourself of this mantra "There is no one like you and nor will there ever be".

The Savy Bohemian logo
The Savy Bohemian

Reflections on Entertaining

Reflect on your approach to entertaining. Is it filled with authenticity or overshadowed by ego?

Let's embrace genuine connections and create projects with sincere intentions 🌿💖.

The coming together of loved ones and friends may create a ripple in all of our lives.

We must adventure into our social worlds with a sense of courage for what is possible, to gather treasured memories of the life we came here to live.

Recognizing the Red Flags

In every creation and gathering, be mindful of the red flags indicating ego and pretentiousness 🌿💖.

Let's focus on authenticity and the true joy of bringing souls together 🌺💫.

In every encounter, the subconscious mind presents clues for our higher good.

Red Flags are signs along the way to alert us to the setting of safe boundaries.

The more comfortable we become with listening to our higher self the easier our path may unfold naturally.

This is the Savy Bohemian way of living life with the security of trusting a happy outcome.

Celebrating Authentic Gatherings

End your week by embracing and celebrating gatherings that are filled with sincerity, passion, and inspiration 🌿💖.

Let's continue to respond to the whisperings of our souls and live the Savy Bohemian Lifestyle 🌺💫.

We all yearn for genuine experiences where our original selves are appreciated.

It is a must in the world of a Savy Bohemian to attune to their inner needs throwing judgment to the wind.

Eagerly accepting invitations or enjoying alone time is a true sign of a soul gathering its fuel for the days ahead.

Listen closely to the whisperings of your heart and you will find your signature self emerging in a way that serves you and those around you.


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