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The Seven Self-Love Practices of a Savy Bohemian

1. Morning Meditation

2. Yoga or Exercise

3. Journaling

4. Healthy Nutrition

5. Being Creative

6. Good Rest

7. Self-Love

Morning Meditation

Painting of praying Mary
Meditate like Mary

Start your day with stillness.

A Savy Bohemian embraces the morning with meditation to cultivate peace, clarity, and gratitude.

It’s the first step in a day full of self-love and self-discovery

A Savy Bohemian embraces the morning with meditation to cultivate inner peace, clarity, and gratitude.

It is the first set of priorities of the day.

*Turn off all TVs, cell phones, and any outside noises.

When we begin our day with prayer or some form of yoga meditation the spirit refers back to this calmness throughout the day.

The early morning is a sacred time as we move from the veil of subconscious dream-sleep to an awakened state.

It is a high priority of a Savy Bohemian to first set this 'way of being' into action within the morning hours.

Practicing small restful breaks through the day brings the body and spirit back into balance.

Yoga or Exercise

A Savy Bohemian nurtures the body and soul through movement.

An exercise class may be the only time in the day when a soul may unleash without inhibition the crazy makings of the world.

Whether it’s yoga or your favorite exercise, make the intention to move with intention and purpose the nurturing of your inner needs.

Swimming, nature hikes, tennis, canoeing,

all feed the soul with elements of 'the out of doors'.

Journaling Journey

Dive deep into your thoughts.

Journaling is a sacred practice for a Savy Bohemian, a pathway to understanding, clarity, and reflection.

Let your words flow and discover the treasures within

Dive deeper into the Surreand inner thoughts with The Art of Sacred Journaling.

Journaling is a need that every Savy Bohemian carries in their inner toolbox.

Surrendering ourselves to the journaling process becomes a vehicle for contemplating deeper challenges while recording special moments in our lives.

It is in the Art of Journaling that we can unravel unconscious patterns within the self that may not have surfaced without the practice of journaling.

Learn to let your words flow to discover golden nuggets of wisdom hidden deep within yourself.

Healthy Nutrition

Fuel your body with love.

A Savy Bohemian understands the importance of nutritious, wholesome foods.

Nourish your body, cherish your health, and feel the vibrant energy flow through you

Fueling our bodies with safe and healthy choices is

constant sigh for all of us.

A Savy Bohemian understands the importance of quality nutrition, and satisfying wholesome foods.

The ancient microalgae from Klamath Falls, Oregon is revered for its rich source of nutrients, and the ability to bring the body, mind, and spirit into homeostasis.

Go today to to explore New Earth products.

Being Creative

Unleashing Our Creativity

Unleash your creativity.

A Savy Bohemian embraces the flow of imagination and expression.

Create, play, explore, and let your unique spirit shine through every masterpiece

A Savy Bohemian holds a free-spirited priority for allowing their innermost needs to flow, intuitively knowing when their creative juices are bubbling up.

Daydreaming, painting, creating a new recipe, or envisioning your spring garden can bring a sigh of joy as the right brain relaxes into feeling what is possible for them.

Good Rest

Rejuvenate with restful slumbers.

A Savy Bohemian values the power of good rest to renew the mind, body, and soul.

Embrace the tranquility and wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the day

Rejuvenate with restful slumbers.

A Savy Bohemian values the importance of good rest to renew the mind, and body experience.

Embrace a discipline of daily 'catnaps' and quality night sleeps with no harsh phones or alarms nearby.

A Savy Bohemian listens to the cues of fatigue which may be the subconscious mind's way of encouraging them to go inward for deeper healing.

Rest is a priority for a Savy Bohemian type.

Self Love

Wrap up your week with the essence of self-love.

A Savy Bohemian knows the importance of embracing and loving oneself fully.

Be kind, be gentle, and cherish the wonderful being that you are

Wrap up your week with the essence of self-love.

A Savy Bohemian knows the importance of acknowledging one's inner needs.

Even when we are not able to self-love we can develop a practice of setting boundaries for when we are overdrawn in the outside world.

Regularly scheduled self-love appointments are a must in the frenzied world we are living in.

We must be kind and gentle to ourselves with cherishing the wonderful beings that we are.


What are your morning or daily practices?

  • Morning meditation

  • Yoga or exercise

  • Journaling

  • Healthy Nutrition


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