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Welcome to Enchanted Palms

Picture of palm trees
The Enchanted Palms

The concept of The Savy Bohemian way of living came to fruition on a property called "Enchanted Palms". A land that embodies enchantment where the concept of the Savy Bohemian way of living was birthed.

Here, we lived simply and truly, honoring each day with courage and authenticity.

Would you like to create your

own Sacred Sanctuary like 'Enchanted Palms'?

Ask yourself how you might open sacred spaces in your life for more love, laughter, and peacefulness.

We and the earth are one and the same.

To create an Enchanted Palms retreat for yourself first, you must stake a claim within your own spirit for the freeing of your spirit.

It may be scary at first, however, taking the first step is all that is needed for amazing experiences to unfold.

As you begin the unfolding of your new life allow trust to guide you.

Trusting the Journey

A sandy path
Follow your path with faith and trust

Venturing into the unknown, a Savy Bohemian moves with trust, guided by spirit, embracing the unseen and unknown with bravery and open arms.

It's about moving forward with both hands on the wheel and faith in what lies ahead.

How often do we find ourselves 'feeling stuck in the muck of life'?

Having again, to turn ourselves around for our higher purpose to shine through.

Often, it takes a firm conviction from deep within to keep our dreams alive.

Keep in mind, that trust is a big factor in giving 'wind to our sails'. Dreams do not always happen instantly.

A fierce determination to 'carry on' is all that is needed to bring life into focus for success each day.

Living With Intuition

A Savy Bohemian hones intuition for evolutionary reasons, sharpening awareness and aligning with the inner spirit.

It's about giving priority to the needs of the inner self and evolving in harmony with one’s essence

You are a divine golden being with a glorious path ahead of you!

Come along and become more acquainted with the greater world that lives within yourself.

Going within is where the spirit of the noble Savy Bohemian resides.

Each of us carries a signature calling for the why of our existence on earth today.

Embodying Enchantment

at Enchanted Palms

A view of palms and oak trees
Embodying Enchantment at Enchanted Palms

In this land of enchantment, we embrace the essence of magic and wonder, living earnestly and true to the spirit of each day.

The air is filled with the fragrance of adventure and discovery.

The first thing in your morning decide to experience magic in your day. With faith in this way of living watch the magic unfold.

Stay open to synchronicities occurring which is one of the ways magic shows up in our lives.

Prioritizing Inner Evolution

A Savy Bohemian lives life from the call of one’s spirit, giving priority to what is needed for the inner self to evolve.

It's about embracing the journey and growing in tune with your authentic self.

Living life on your terms is about shedding the pretenses to awaken the unique signature of what you really are.

Mala beads, feathers, and frilly wear on a blanket
A Savy Bohemian accessories

Courage to Venture

Embrace the courage and bravery of the Savy Bohemian spirit as you venture into worlds of unknowns.

Trust your spirit to guide you, drive on with resolve, and embrace the beauty of the unseen.

Embracing our most courageous sometimes takes a fearless willingness to forge ahead for the life we were meant to live.

Within each of us lies the responsibility to be vigilant for the path we have co-created for ourselves.

A Savy Bohemian hones in on what lies ahead for themselves and the world at large.

We must continue to free our spirits of the tyranny that has controlled our lives collectively. In doing so we will free ourselves of the past while facing the beautiful golden future that lies ahead.

Celebrating the Savy

Bohemian Lifestyle

Sunset over the water with grass in the foreground
Celebrate the free spirit of a Savy Bohemian

Reflect on a week lived in enchantment and authenticity at Enchanted Palms.

Celebrate the courage to venture, the trust in spirit, and the beautiful journey of living true to one’s essence. A natural lifestyle encourages us to look at ourselves with eyes like never before. A Savy Bohemian is here to blaze trails that are alive with their resonance. This is a true Savy Bohemian.



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